Katherine Tachibana

Versatile & Playful UI Alchemist | ISTP-A




I find joy and value in telling compelling stories and solving problems through design. 

The appearance is everything for people to judge “like or dislike” at first glance. To boost your business, you need to attract/impress them to make them like you. I believe that the user interface plays a huge part of it. I’m passionate about the user-centred, simple, and clean UI design based on well-crafted user/design research. 

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Random Facts

  1. I’ve lived in 5 different countries. UK is my fifth country.
  2. I want to move to Italy in the future.
  3. I’m an IFPA certified aromatherapist.
  4. I’m interested in the Oriental philosophy.
  5. I’m: an espresso lover,
  6. a film fanatic,
  7. a typeface collector,
  8. a foodie,
  9. a music lover – I usually listen to either metal or trance when I design,
  10. a ISTP-A; one of the rarest personality types in the world,
  11. and the black sheep.

Design Approach

Clear & Pixel perfect UI, User-centred Design, and Punctual

1. Research - Find a key

Spare huge amount of time both on user/design research to define the problem and clients needs. Collect information - take photographs and gather data to start giving me inspiration.

2. Ideation - Unlock

Brainstorm and analyse ideas. Develop persona and translate the goal to artistic aspects such as design inception sheet, mood boards and style tiles. By the end of this phase, the initial art direction is established.

3. Design - Cast a spell

In this phase, my ideas finally come to life. Take the preliminary art direction and create a style guide. Design the user interface. To be consistent, I always refer to the style guide in this phase. Finally develop a high fidelity prototype.

4. Iteration - Tweak

Carry out usability evaluations/tests. Make necessary amendments to improve the prototypes, and then handoff to dev team.



Concept Project | 18 days | Individual

MachiAsobi Tokyo - Tourism Campaign


Client Project | 3 weeks | 4 people

SociaLibe - App for connecting people


Concept Project | 2 weeks | Indivisual

Breakie - Foodie's must-have app

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